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We create technology that streamlines processes, optimizes workflows, and turns the last-mile into a branding experience. 

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EnterOpen Pickup

Set Your Restaurant Apart With a New Takeout Experience

Some restaurants may store food on open racks that require cashiers or restaurant staff to crew a to-go station. Some locations may use alphabetical take-out shelves using an “honor system.”


Considering that takeout is forecasted to outgrow all restaurant industry growth in the next decade, there has to be a better way. The Yummy Box prevents unauthorized access to customer’s take-out orders, reduces customers and food delivery apps pick up times to 45 seconds or less, and makes operational processes more efficient by automating takeout.


Secure and convenient customer pick up allows for to-go stations to be automated, OK'ing management to put staff members in more value-added roles. With all the extra time, restaurants can focus on what they do best — cooking and entertaining guests!


Designed To Last | Designed To Repurpose | Designed To Easily Update & Fix

EnterOpen Pickup

Self-service Parcel Lockers for Co-Working Spaces

Standard office spaces are officially archaic. So why not upgrade your co-working space with a perk that adds value to your members when it's delivery time?


Instead of placing items in an empty closet with poor lighting, in an unattended cubby, or having your receptionist send Slack/Envoy messages every time a member receives a package try a more convenient way.


The Happy Box solution allows packages from top postal carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and even retail giant Amazon to be received by your administrative support and then securely stored in The Happy Box for convenient pickup by your members. The Happy Box is a perk that will excite members and free up staff from around the clock package management at co-working spaces.


Our Repurposed Lockers With Custom Graphics Are Designed To Be Functional Art-Pieces

EnterOpen STASH

Secure Self-Storage Lockers

The Stash Box is a simple yet modern approach to storage of belongings that will appeal to entrepreneurs and business professionals that need a convenient place to store their belongings while away.


With The Stash Box, members will enjoy being able to instantly retrieve their stored items like laptops, cameras, and high-dollar prototypes and get right back to innovating. We’ve added smart cards to make your member's storage experience more personal and convenient.


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The Yummy Box



"Using a new concept is exciting but you never know if it will help your business. The First thing I noticed with The Yummy Box is how it freed up my staff. They no longer had to wait for people to arrive to pick up their order. Also, I like how to-go customers and food delivery services have direct access to to-go orders instead of crowding cash registers. If I had to rate The Yummy Box, I would genuinely give it a 10 out of 10. It optimizes my staff workflow, and my customers love it. Customers and drivers were in and out in 45 seconds or less, and takeout has become a more personal branding experience."

- Yogi Patel, Owner

Houston, Texas

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